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Real Estate Auction- Reserved or Absolute — Sell As Is, No Contigencies, Close in 30 Days, Buyer May Pay All the Commission

Our Unique Client Service Offering allows us to offer an Estate Sale, Auction and Sell the Real Estate at a Reserve Auction. Advantages of a Real Estate Auctions should be your first choice.  You can shoose from a menu of marketing techinques to get you real estate sold quickly while protecting you as a Seller.

Palatium Auctioneers® are dedicated to flawlessly serving the Saint Louis Real Estate Auction market.

Broker Participation Agent can get paid when they partner with us to auction one of their listings.

Palatium Auctions® has a platform that truly makes it a win-win situation for all involved.  We have made it possible for the listing agent to still receive the listing side of their commission at closing when we have sold one of their properties at auction.  Agents can also refer sellers to us for auction and receive a referral fee at closing.

We fully engage the marketplace while protecting our sellers of their premier luxury homes, large tracts of land, commercial properties and lakefront estates.

Seller-What You Can Expect

1) SHORTER TIME ON MARKET - translates into higher net income and lower risk

2) REDUCED COST OF OWNERSHIP - time defined sale date and sold "As Is"

3) COMPETITION GENERATED - brings together multiple buyers

4) REDUCED RISK - selling without contingencies

5) SELLER CONTROLS TERMS AND CONDITIONS - eliminates negotiations and contingencies

7) QUICK, CLEAN, DECISIVE, FAIR, TRANSPARENT - most accepted practice for determining value worldwide

8) SELLER OPPORTUNITIES - owner financing or 1031 exchange



Contact Realtor Auctioneer, Paul Roesch, CAI, AARE designated, the highest Auctioneering designations the National Auctioneers Association awards. These designation are earned by less than 1% of all Auctioneers. Paul Roesch 618-407-8479 cell

618-233-1000 or proesch@ptauctions.net . Your inquiry will be handled confidentially.


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